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    Samson is a senior emergency & finance strategist specializing in operations & technology, healthcare and financial services crisis management. As a globally recognized expert on technology and crisis communications, I strive to develop compelling content and deliver a message through distinct, actionable, and measurable campaigns. Previously, I worked with Fannie Mae, as part of the emergency management team assembled to help pull the nation out of the housing crisis. Ultimately, spending the last two years leading internal communications, workforce development and organizational resiliency for Fannie Mae’s Operations & Technology Division. Most recently during the Covid19 Pandemic I advise the C-Suite at the Department of Veteran Affairs, Under Armour and CVS Health as their in-house Crisis Manager.


    When not leading crisis management for Fortune 4 business, I am an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law; Instructor at Columbia University in NYC and Partner at MilkyWayEconomy, a Washington, DC based think tank and investment firm specializing in space startups, blockchain appplications and investment crowdfunding platforms such as GoingPublic.com.


    Prior to investing in Going Public and creating The Space Economy show, I served as the Principle Consultant for Axes and Eggs, a global technology advisory building relationships beyond tech in Dubai, Riyadh and throughout the Middle East North Africa region. There I oversaw education, messaging, communications strategy and media planning for finance, fintech and government agencies throughout the Middle East. Executing events and relationships with government agencies from the United Arab Emirates, Kingdoms of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Mauritius and India.


    In short, my passion and super power is helping smart and amazing people be more smart and amazing in the 5th Industrial Revolution.


  • Demystifying Blockchain & The Space Economy

    The Space Economy Show

    Your destination for the business of Space on The Space Channel.

    How blockchain disrupts banks, while improving banking

    Washington, DC

    Blockchain Explained

    Coinvention, Philadelphia, PA

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    How does Bitcoin generate Revenue?

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    Listen to Podcast here.


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    Blockchain & The Space Economy

    Who will be the Globe's first Quadrillionaire? And how will she make her fortune in the Space Economy? Order your copy today to answer these crucial questions.

    Benchmarking Crowdfunding Regulations

    Athens, Greece

    Mauritius Blockchain Conference

    Mauritius, Africa

  • My Career Path

    Chief Dreamer & Believer

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    Lead Investor

    With the recent changes to the JOBS Act that enable startups to raise up to $5M via RegCF and $75M via RegA+, Samson lead Milky Way Economy's investment into Brite.us to fuel investment crowdfunding's role in providing capital to Space businesses.

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    Going Public

    Seed Round Investor

    Milky Way Economy is also an early investor in GoingPublic.com, who is revolutionizing business financing by building a better shark tank for businesses looking to raise up to $75M via RegA+ equity crowdfunding.

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    Principle Consultant @ Axes and Eggs

    Think Tank & C- Suite Digital Advisor

    2016 - Present

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    Columbia University of New York City

    Adjunct Professor

    March 2019 - Present

    AI, Blockchain, Fintech and Emerging Tech courses.

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    University of New Hampshire School of Law

    Adjunct Professor 

    June 2018 - Present

    Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & Law Program

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    Crowdfunding Professional Association

    President, February 2020 - Present.

    Board Member - Real Estate, Blockchain & Education

    October 2018 - Present

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    DC Department of Health (DOH)

    Institutional Review Board for Public Health (IRBPH) Member 

    Aug 2012 – Present

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    Country Patron for Ireland

    Irish Ambassador for Crowdfunding to EU

    June 2017 - September 2018


    A funny story on how a Black Mexican from Texas came to represent Ireland in the European Union, for crowdfunding, sourcing and innovation.I even got a fancy appointment letter.

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    Fannie Mae

    Emergency Manager / Baby Chief of Staff, O&T Executive Office 

    March 2008 – May 2016

    Emergency Management and Leadership for a tiny, mortgage / finance company with ~$3.2T in assets under management.  

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