• Samson Williams

    Chief Dreamer & Believer

  • Dream|Imagine|Plan|Implement|Succeed

    (If you fail, start over. Don't give up.)

    Every business needs a dreamer

    As a kid, I grew up on a farm on the edge of the known universe in Waller, Texas. A one stoplight, East Texas town of 2401 people. In the evenings I'd lay outside in the grass. Watching as the stars turned on one at a time, poking holes in the night's sky. Laying there in that milky black darkness, with notions of Star Trek Enterprise in my head, my imagination hitchhiked across the galaxy going where no little colored boy from Texas had ever been.


    Now a few decades later you can find that same country boy in fields across the globe from Ireland, Ghana, to Austria and Dubai stargazing into the future, turning dreams into reality.


    Specialties include:

    • Cryptocurrency Research (ICOs) 
    • Blockchain applications
    • Equity and Debt Crowdfunding
    • Banking / Lending and other boring forms of traditional finance  
    • Common Sense and cheerleading 


    If it's in the world of finance and hasn't been done, doesn't exist and has yet to be discovered, ask me about it. I've probably been on a team that has dreamed up and built a solution for it.


    Chief Dreamer & Believer

    University of New Hampshire School of Law

    Adjunct Professor 

    June 2018 - Present

    I helped create a first-of-its-kind Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Law Blockchain Certification Program. Now I am a professor at the law school, providing the next generation of lawyers with the practical skill sets they need to be relevant in an ever automating, technological environment.

    Classes I teach:

    • Tokenomics and Cryptocurrency Regulations
    • Smart Cities and Blockchain 

    Partner @ Axes and Eggs

    Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Think Tank

    October 2017 - Present

    At Axes and Eggs we answer the questions you can't google. Providing common sense and execution ability to help blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital transformation innovators win. Specialties include:

    - DLT education to executives, government agencies and small children
    - Regulatory compliance so neither of us end up in jail for money laundering or fraud for your ICO
    - Time travel. Cause if you’re not solving tomorrow’s problems we’re not interested

    Crowdfunding Professional Association

    Committee Member - Real Estate, Blockchain & Education

    May 2018 - Present

    The most dangerous thing you can give a person is an education.

    Before unregulated ICOs became fashionable, compliant crowdfunding existed in many forms. So my brain is juiced at joining the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) organization. As I am delighted to join the team bringing the best of thought leadership and education to eager minds looking to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding for real estate. Prepare to be weaponized. Visit the CfPA at www.cfpa.org to learn more.

    DC Department of Health (DOH)

    Institutional Review Board for Public Health (IRBPH) Member 

    Aug 2012 – Present

    The Institutional Review Board for Public Health (IRBPH) is an administrative body established to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities or data collected on human subjects conducted under the auspices of the Department of Health with which it is affiliated. http://doh.dc.gov/service/institutional-review-board-public-health.

    Blockchain Commission / Blockchain For Impact

    Chair Of the Global Health & Emergency Response Subcommittee​

    January 2018

    Blockchain for Impact (BFI), is a collaborative convening, advocacy and action platform designed to serve the growing community of conscious leadership reflecting the full breadth of the global blockchain ecosystem as it seeks to engage with leaders from the United Nations system.


    Members of Blockchain for Impact (BFI) are invited to participate in an exciting series of impact-oriented events and task forces throughout the year. Through the Commission, Blockchain for Impact members will engage with the United Nations system on industry governance, regulatory standards and social impact projects, working closely with the UN Departments, Funds, Programs and Specialized Agencies, to apply blockchain technology to sustainable development and humanitarian challenges.


    I am Chair of the Global Health and Emergency Response Subcommittee. What does that mean? Blockchain isn’t just going mainstream. It’s going global, for good.

    Country Patron for Ireland

    Irish Ambassador for Crowdfunding to EU

    June 2017 - September 2018


    A funny story on how a Black Mexican from Texas came to represent Ireland in the European Union, for crowdfunding, sourcing and innovation.


    I even got a fancy appointment letter.


    Chief Strategy Officer 

    Sep 2016 – 2018

    CoFunder is Ireland based, FinTech startup who specializes in building debt & equity crowdfunding platforms.

    Its my privilege to be the Chief Dreamer & Rainmaker, by building P2P partnerships, strategic banking, finance collaborations and equity and debt crowdfunding ventures on this side of The Pond, around the Pacific Rim and wherever business is done globally. If you're a small business or entrepreneur in need of a loan or investment capital we're here to help.

    Hello world, the Irish are coming!

    Fannie Mae

    Emergency Manager / Baby Chief of Staff, O&T Executive Office 

    March 2008 – May 2016

    Whatever the emergency was I handled it. Later graduated to blocking, tackling, putting fire outs and occasionally babysitting executives. It was like getting an MBA in finance/technology, while juggling cannon balls, standing on one foot, over a fire pit. High stress, high rewards. Loved it!

  • Trickle down economics only works when you're already on your knees.


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    A person is only as good as the people they surround themselves with. These are just some of the members of my career squad. If you're an Army of one, surrender. If your Goliath. Hello, this is Team David.

    Lawyer. Badass. Titan

    Maureen is a legal titan of the apocalypse. Woe onto you if if you're on the wrong side of bench. Tax, Securities, Cryptocurrencies and life. She is who I call on first.

    BFFE. Asshole. Esquire

    Owen and I have been friends since 8th grade summer school. If you see him in court, good luck. You'll need it. Real estate. Bankruptcy. Contract law expert.

    PR. Comms. Godess

    Keosha - when you need to know

    What to say, How to say it and When to say it, to save or grow your business. #Shero!

    Super Tech Nerd


    Shireen is the quintessential computer science rock star. Stanford Univ Comp Science, MBA from INSEAD. Silicon Valley pro.


    Financial Advisor and Banker

    Chiefy is general counsel for his family bank. When I have a money question, this is who I ask.

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